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San Diego Beach Picnic Spots You'll Love

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

A new picnic idea is born right in the heart of South California. You see, San Diego beaches are known for their beauty, warm climate, and good tides for surfers. But there is one more reason why people come to San Diego beaches in the evening – that famous San Diego sunset magnetizes people even from other states. The genuine pearls of San Diego are the beaches of La Jolla, Coronado, and Mission Bay. These spots are great for family gatherings, outdoor picnics, proposals, surprise dates with candles and pillows, and birthday celebrations. So host your San Diego beach picnic in a luxury boho style, and your Instagram account will receive great love.

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La Jolla Shores

La Jolla shores are one of the most well-known beaches in San Diego. It offers stunning scenery and a variety of things to do, from kayaking to snorkeling to luxury picnicking. Every day La Jolla shores is a celebration of its own. It boasts a relatively wide sandy beachfront, making it an excellent place for sunbathers, volleyball players, bikers, and surfers. You can't miss swimming and paddleboarding, some of the most popular water sports in the area.

The location of La Jolla shores offers gorgeous views, making it the best choice for a luxury and romantic picnic at the beach in San Diego. Imagine a sunset beach picnic with candles, a beautiful boho umbrella, and a charcuterie board – it's truly a unique picnic idea! And the beauty of La Jolla Shores beach can definitely add luxury to your experience.

Coronado Beach

Coronado beach is a paradise for tourists and those who truly want to change the scenery. You'll love your sunset beach picnic setup on Coronado beach. Unique dunes, vast beachfront, and beautiful Hotel del Coronado should make it a potential picnic spot on your radar. In addition, many movies and television series have been shot there.

It is famous for sports enthusiasts because of its long bicycle trail along the sand. Coronado Beach is a typical beach in southern California, with a touch of classics, luxury, and romance.

We usually set our sunset picnics at the Coronado beach near the rocks, just across from the Hotel del Coronado. The location is definitely perfect for couples, double dates, and dinner surprise events.

Mission Bay

Mission Bay is one area where the picnic location can genuinely be called "unique." You'll enjoy watching people running, walking, and glazing at the beautiful San Diego sunset as you sit at your picnic table. Mission bay is known for its openness and is home to paddle boarders, volleyball players, and locals.

This beach, located in the heart of San Diego, provides stunning scenery for those who want to have a picnic on the beach or the grass. It's definitely a great place to host a party or book a San Diego beach picnic with a local provider. However, summer can get quite crowded, so plan ahead if you prefer a more private experience. "Your Lovely Moments" picnic company can set up your beach picnic with a luxury touch and guarantee an unforgettable experience!

Your Lovely Moments

San Diego is full of hidden gems and unique spots along the coastline. So whether you enjoy the stunning sunset at Coronado beach or in La Jolla, take lots of memorable photos. "Your Lovely Moments," a San Diego-based luxury picnic company, can boost your experience by providing a luxury beach picnic setup. With many options, such as a charcuterie board, boho umbrella hideout, and even a 30-second music video clip taken with a drone, you'll be an Instagram star!

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