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Your Lovely Two

Picnic Package for Couples

Setup & Cleanup

Pillow Seats

Glasses, Plates, Napkins & Utensils

Picnic Table for 2 People

Soft Throw Blankets

Picnic Decor

Complimentary Sparkling Water

2 Hours

(Need more? We are easy to work with.

Let us know below)


Signature 12 Candle Lantern Bundle

Tissues / Sanitizer / Waste Basket

Floral Arrangement (artificial)

FREE Bluetooth Speaker

Beach Picnics San Diego

A romantic sunset beach location or a secluded spot in the park with candles and puffy pillows sounds like a perfect picnic idea for couples. "Your Lovely Moments" will be sure to provide that luxury touch and an unforgettable experience!

  • Anniversary

  • Proposal

  • Date Night

  • Mother's Day

  • Photoshoot

  • Birthday Celebration

  • Outdoor Activity

  • Retreat

  • Father's Day

  • Engagement

May We Recommend?

Boost your party experience with a

few essentials bellow

Luxury Picnic Umbrella
Charcuterie Board for Luxury Picnic

Add a piece of wonderland to your outdoor getaway. This backdrop will make your picnic unforgettable!

A Sweet surprise! Prep up your picnic with twelve delicious cup cakes and enjoy that beautiful San Diego sunset.

What can be better than a perfect snack for the outdoors? Select this Charcuterie Board and add deliciousness to your fun!

Beat the scorching heat in San Diego with our Candy Umbrella if you need extra shade

A perfect hideout on a perfect day! Be sure to enjoy the shade of a picnic umbrella in sunny San Diego.

Ready to play? This game will take your fun to the next level!

Add this beautiful teepee to enjoy some privacy.

Get your photos and a video footage of your picnic experience combined in a 30-second optimized video clip! Yes, we'll do all the work!

Drum Rolls.. Almost Done!

What People Are Saying

"-  As a couple, we really enjoyed your beach picnic setup and amazing San Diego location. Very romantic atmosphere and watching the sunset made our time unforgettable."

Irina and Paul

"- Wow, wow and wow. A luxury touch by Your Lovely Moments and a fancy picnic turned heads of virtually everyone on the beach! We felt like stars. A surprise date went well for both of us ;)"

Nate + Linda

"- We were looking for a way to celebrate our anniversary and a picnic in the park was just a brilliant idea. We had a total blast! With candles and a charcuterie board  it was a time spent well!"


park picnic on the grass
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sunset beach picnic
san diego picnic in a park
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