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San Diego picnics
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Your Lovely Two

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2 people


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What People Are Saying

"- Our beach picnic setup was a true luxury and a lot of fun! We want to come back and do it again! Our drone footage was fantastic. Thank you!"

"- Thanks for such an amazing location and luxury experience! Your warm blankets and sunny San Diego made it warm! "Your Lovely Moments" is an amazing picnic company!"

"- Nice and cozy! Such a wonderful picnic experience, just like a time travel to our childhood (Less  the  wine  of  course). Special thanks to "Your Lovely Moments" for making our day so memorable!"

Darren L.

Kristina A.

Christi and John

Boho Picnic
Luxury Picnic Setup
luxury picnic Party
luxury picnic setup
San Diego Luxury Picnic
Blue Theme Luxury Picnic
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